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Ventilation tests and aeraulic measures in tunnelsFocus on the functional tests through which is possible to verify the efficiency of the systems

The team composed by Thermostick Elettrotecnica and Imgeco Ingegneria proposes and carries out checks and tests of tunnel ventilation systems in order to verify the performances of the final plants in operation.

The on-field tests are real functional tests through which is possible to verify the overall efficiency of ventilation systems. These take on a strategic importance in tunnels equipped with a longitudinal ventilation system where you want to verify the effective boost produced by the jet-fans, and at the same time to verify the accuracy of measurement and control systems (anemometers) of the tunnels. The tests are set up with special poles, equipped with selected cup anemometers to measure the ventilation flows on the entire road shape.

(descrizione)Typically, are used 3 poles, equipped with 3 anemometers in order to create a constant step grid featured by 9 measurement nodes. The grid is centered in the tunnel section in order to verify the helpful component of ventilation flow speed, which is sampled when the jet-fans change the speed. A local SCADA system with its HMI interface, provides for the acquisition and recording of values, and the processing of punctual and average sizes.

The processed data are then plotted in real time on a graphline and compared with the speed values sampled by the data acquisition system of the tunnel. Through the overall analysis of the test results, is possible to define, with good approximation, the total value of the boost produced by the ventilation system and consequently the average efficiency of the fans.