casa editrice la fiaccola

Editorial Profile

ABCmagazine is a “webzine” online since March 2012. It has been conceived as integration of the renewed Italian Building&Construction which carried forward the tradition of the English-language magazine edited by Casa Editrice la fiaccola. Founded as IBC in 1978, distributed all over the world and committed to illustrate all the technological novelties in the construction industry, ABCmagazine since the beginning of its history offers news concerning these specific sectors: Machinery&Equipment, Components&Spare Parts, Road Construction and Agriculture&Machinery.

Focusing again on history, to better meet the needs related to companies global commercialization, the IBC has been developed over the years focusing on technical products and further enhancing its diffusion. With the new Millennium it has also become a web portal which was conceived to facilitate products search, thus becoming a meeting “place” for commercial partners, builders and international sales networks.

In 2012 IBC has been completely renewed, both in the paper and in the web version. The objective of this new “worldwide” age was to provide the companies with a tool to communicate with the constructions world, with machinery and plants builders and their sales network as well as with components and spare parts manufacturers. Two were the available tools: the new paper magazine, always in English language, characterized by a more compact format and a more appealing layout and the new Internet website which, besides being a permanent showcase of our partner companies, has been totally renewed once again in 2019, according to the new layout of the corporate group digital communication. Paper chief editor: Matthieu Colombo

Earth moving machines, machines for goods and people lifting, road machines and bitumen plants, hydraulic and building equipment, as well as all components and spare parts and agriculture machinery are presented in each issue of the paper and web magazine.

As always Italian Building&Construction, a special paper edition of ABCmagazine is also distributed during the main exhibitions worldwide - i.e. Bauma 2019 - in the most effective and suitable ways for its valorisation. The pubblication is printed in 21,000 copies and distributed in more than 100 countries, with particular focus on the BRIC markets.