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Usability, accessibility, variety and completeness of informationThe new website of Imeva, a first class player in the field of road safety

(descrizione)Giving shape to substance. This is what, among the rest, a first class player made in the field of road security during latest year and not only as Imeva which, besides the usual care for project, production and distribution aspects, aimed strategically to the comunication also through the restyling for example of its own website.

The passwords at he base of such initiative are: usability, accessibility, variety and completeness of information. The main road of the web is represented by Imeva different attention to four big targets and their own requirements: contractors, designers, authorities and installation companies. Here is therefore the strong thread of integration: the know how of the company from Benevento in fact programmatically builds paths, from project to product, from supply to installation.

(descrizione)Another intersting tranversal section of the new website is dedicated to the best practice on national and international fields, while technical information about products (guard rails, culverts and specials) are shown inside three dedicated and complete areas. The cherry on the top, which will be very welcom from the technicians are: they can download in fact technical schedules, manuals, 3D drawings and dwg.

Finally, the news section also deserves a mention, it can be improved with high specialization stories which will navigate on the social media, such as Linkedin above all, where the company is very active and in the memory of those who are very passionate for this work.