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Topcon: Exact thickness at exact slope

(descrizione) Control the paver directly from digital projects. The paver automatically produces the exact thickness at the exact slope, thanks to precise 3D transitions through curves horizontally and vertically.
All according to plan, in this case a 3D plan for a 3D project.
-Precision of the millimeter dimension
-Horizontal range of 2400 meters
-Vertical range of 40 meters
-Multiple users in the same area
-For paving of horizontal, vertical or combined transitions

Exact thickness at exact slope

At the heart of Topcon's 3D pavement is Millimeter GPS technology - a system that allows for highly accurate positioning and elevation. The control box detects the position of the flooring within the 3D project and the required elevation, sending correction signals to the bench to maintain the thickness and slope of the carpet.
A complete system configuration includes up to four transmitters to provide a large horizontal and vertical working window. This creates a "zone" of work that allows asphalting to a millimeter level.