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The Italian way to qualityFocus on an innovative sealing machine prolonging road service life

A perfectly done maintenance is a goal that can be indeed achieved by using the best technologies developed by the industry, such as the made in Italy Sealmass M5 cracks sealing machine, developed by Massenza company. The machine allows simultaneously to clean (and to heat up) as well as to pour hot mastic for sealing road joints or cracks.

The Massenza sealing machine ensures a proper heating of mastic till the road crack thanks to a thermal oil system heating the product not only in the melting chamber tank but also along its entire way to application point, ensuring thus an homogeneous application and an high quality execution.

Here few exclusive features of the machine: melting chamber with 500 l capacity, diesel engine type Hatz 1D90C, 9.2 at 2.800 rpm, mastic pump with a flow rate of 3.000 l/h driven by an hydraulic motor, heated pipe and lance with thermal oil, fully automatic diesel oil burner, control panel with programmable timer for automatic start of diesel engine, oil pump and burner, lastly the essential hot air lance equipped with a mobile support system allowing to discharge most of its weight on the ground, making easier for the operator to handle it.