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The future is already hereBig Data, IoT, BIM are the frontiers explored by the design creating the future main works

In the highway sector, technology goes on making great strides, but the future, will belong to Big Data, IoT and BIM design. Considering tradition in innovation, the automation of the life cycle management processes of the works through the development of software applications will have to be considered immediately as in the design and construction of new infrastructures.

Collecting data using intelligent sensors, analyzing them, taking timely action on safety and providing support services for the development of our arteries in a “smart” way will be the next step. There are several projects managed by the group settled in Treviso, Italy, able to accompany the clients in the design of complex motorway sections, also taking care of the construction supervision. In all these projects DBA Group has made innovation and telematics its pivot to increase productivity and safety.

Among these projects there is the construction of the electrical and mechanical systems of the Variante di Valico (A1) with 22 tunnels in 60km and those of the Gronda di Genova (on behaf of SPEA Engineering). Along its 61km there will be 23 single-directional double-arch tunnels, or moreover, the 80 viaducts and 52 tunnels in Georgia to connect Khevi with Argveta (on behaf of JV SPEA Engineering / IRD Engineering).

Finally, the cutting-edge technology of DBA Group will also be applied to Santa Lucia tunnel on the Tuscan section of the A1, the only case in Italy that includes an innovative system to shut down and mitigate water and foam fires. The work will be finished by April 2021: the future is already here.