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The engineering contribution in the demolition work of the Morandi BridgeThe Italian company Fagioli wins the "Rigging Job of the Year over 2 million $ category"

It is with great pleasure that that the Italian company Fagioli announced the recognition by the "SC&RA, for the best lifting operation executed in 2019 for the 'Rigging over 2 million $' category".

The prize was awarded to Fagioli for its engineering contribution in the demolition work of the Morandi Bridge, in Genoa, Italy, an extremely complex operation carried out in 2019 for a total of 168 uninterrupted days.


The operation was conducted in strict cooperation with other companies specialized in structural demolitions, environmental reclamation and architectural design with their contribution to the challenging and complicated dismantling of the bridge.

The prize adds up to a long list of awards won over the past few years, giving prestige to the innovative engineering solutions proposed by Fagioli in projects with an increasing complexity  and technologically advanced requirements.

Web Preview: download the ITA/ENG technical description of the operation published on leStrade magazine, July Issue ("168 Days of Top Level Engineering Operations in Genoa")