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The barrier for embankment working correctly on banks and road sideThe advanced technical solution has been developed by the Italian company Imeva

If the subject is innovation at the service of safety, the operator who cannot miss the call is, of course, Imeva. One of the typical features of the company, headquartered in Benevento, Italy, manufacturer of safety barriers and culverts sold all over Italy and abroad, is its attention to Research and Development shown in its production range with solutions having an efficiency even higher than the standard norms.

An example is the side barrier for embankment working correctly even on the edge of the banks thus assuring a higher level of security in those situations above all where there are not big spaces but obstacles such as scarps, rivers or walls. The crash test of this particular device was performed at the crash test field TÜV SÜD in Munich Baviera, in Germany, where they were repeated the particular widespread conditions of reality, that is the positon of the barrier close to the bank.

The results were: for the car - dynamic deflexion 0.3m, ASI 1.0, THIV 28, PHD 10, VDCI LF1010001. For heavy vehicle (bus of 13tons): dynamic deflexion 1.1m, working width W4, any overturning, climbing over or overcoming of the vehicle and its stability during the test. “Although installed on lands of not excellent reliability, the device, according the results, shows more guarantees of safety than a standard solution”, Imeva notes.