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The 25th EcomondoEurope´s reference platform for the circular and green economy´s technological innovation market

Now is the time to share the innovation potential that the Green Economy is offering Italy. Current events have made the need to free the country´s system from fossil fuels even more evident. And Italian Exhibition Group´s events, Ecomondo and Key Energy, to be held at Rimini Expo Centre from 8th to 11th November 2022, will focus respectively on Italy´s ecological and energy transition.
Occupying over 100,000 square metres of the entire Expo Centre, the two shows are authoritative business and research platforms, where public and private companies, local administrations and the scientific world are the main players.

This year, the 25th edition of Ecomondo will take place in the European context of the Green Deal and the Next Generation EU, while the simultaneous Key Energy, at its 15th edition, will complete the picture of the European economic policy for decarbonisation. The circular bio-economy and renewable energy sectors are demanding a greater sharing of the European strategic plans that guide the ecological and energy transition: projects and public policies that will put 1,000 billion euros of public and private investment into circulation up until 2030.

In expectation of the Rimini event in November, Ecomondo and Key Energy will be marking the evolutionary stages of ecological and energy transition with a series of international appointments. From 3rd to 5th May with the first Digital Green Week of 2022 when the event topics will be announced in streaming. From 8th to 10th June with the Green Med Symposium in partnership with Ricicla Tv in Naples. From 12th to 14th July with Ecomondo Mexico in León, in joint venture with Deutsche Messe. And then also CDEPE China - Chengdu International Enviromental Protection Expo. Lastly, in September, with a digital preview of the physically-attended editions in Rimini.

SEC - Solar Exhibition & Conference by Key Energy recently made its debut at Rimini Expo Centre from 6th to 8th April: three days dedicated to the solar energy industry and its supply chains with an exhibition and conferences that particular focused on the energy-intensive manufacturing and services sectors. Instead, from 28th to 30th June, Rimini´s Palacongressi will host WWEC - World Wide Energy Conference, held by WWEA (World Wind Energy Association). The choice of Rimini as the venue was inspired by the long-standing collaboration between ANEV and KEY ENERGY.

European Commission, Ministry of Ecological Transition, Ministry of Economic Development, ITA - Italian Trade Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies, Emilia-Romagna Region and stakeholders at the Foundation for Sustainable Development, ENEA, ANEV, Italia Solare, FISE Unicircular, UNACEA, CIB, CIG, CONAI, ANIE Federation, ANFIA, UTILITALIA, ANIA and H2IT.

Event: International trade show; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.; Frequency: annual; Edition: 25th; Dates: 8.11 November; mail:; Website:; Facebook:; Twitter:; LinkedIn:

Event: International trade show; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.; Frequency: annual; Edition: 15th; Dates: 8-11 November; mail:; Website: ; Facebook:; Twitter:; LinkedIn:

Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., a joint stock company listed on Euronext Milan, a regulated market organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., has, with its facilities in Rimini and Vicenza, achieved national leadership over the years in the organisation of trade shows and conferences. The development of activities abroad - also through joint-ventures with global or local organisers, in the United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Mexico, Brazil and India, for example . now sees the company positioned among the top European operators in the sector.

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