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Steel ingenuity making its wayCM's small pavers satisfy great needs of the road construction sector

The beginning of 2018 marked a turning point for CM Srl: the company decided to expand its own mission and interpret the urgent demand coming from the road construction machine market, looking for more and more advanced and efficient tools for small and medium-sized road repair and maintenance operations in the town centres and outskirts.

To fill road holes caused by heavy traffic and by constant exposure to weather conditions; to close excavations for pipelines and optical fiber networks; to make or rebuild cycle paths and sidewalks: these are just some of the critical interventions on which local public authorities need to concentrate more, making sure that costs and completion times are properly optimized. This is the context where the F175 Paver finds its place. The first of a series

of CM-branded machines was created thanks to a deep knowledge built up in over 40 years of productions of machines and pre-assembled parts for the major players of the sector but also by exploiting new technical solutions patented by CM, such as a system with independent augers, conveying the material to be spread to one side only and, thus, making the machine suitable for any spread condition.

An electronic traction control and an electro-hydraulic service control system to ensure the greatest spread precision represent other key examples of the innovation made by CM and its attitude approaching 2019: new projects of small and medium-sized Pavers and ingenious applications will see the light soon. CM’s great way is under construction.