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Rollers in harmony with the soil [video]Dynapac Seismic is the compaction technology that makes the machine and the soil work together

For many years, the soil and the drum were considered to be two separate systems. Thanks to Dynapac’s engineering team, they were able to recognize that the soil and drum actually work together as one system. This finding opened the door for the development of the Dynapac Seismic system.

All drum and soil combinations have their own unique natural frequencies. Dynapac Seismic automatically detects the frequency of the soil characteristics, works together with it, and applies the correct amount of energy exactly when required. Since the drum and the soil act as one dynamic system, several benefits can be found from the system’s natural frequency.

For example the process noise is reduced to a minimum and the soil compacts at a lower frequency. Besides, Dynapac Seismic increases productivity with top-quality results in the shortest amount of time. Moreover, with Dynapac Seismic the roller automatically determines the natural frequency of the soil and adjusts to it. This saves both time and fuel consumption (up to 10%), makes it easier on the environment and reduces the wear of the machine.

In conclusion, Dynapac Seismic is the innovation that lets the roller determine the optimal frequency for any compacted material, constantly adjusting to the changing conditions automatically. It will be a standard feature for CA1500-6500 rollers together with the Dynapac Compaction Meter. The technology has been tested by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden together with Trafikverket.