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Singapore approves the tests for the first autonomous driving street sweeperThe Italian Dulevo is among the developers of this historical project of environmental robotics

Dulevo International SpA, the Italian global leader in commercial, industrial and urban cleaning, in collaboration with ST Engineering and 800 Super Waste Management, received approval to perform road tests for the first independent driving street sweeper from the Singapore Land Transport Authority.

This is an extremely important achievement: thanks to this project, Dulevo contributes to bringing the vital innovation of independent driving to the urban cleaning sector by means of the Dulevo 6000, a machine with very high mechanical-suctioning-filtration efficiency with a strong environmentally friendly approach. The sweeper saves up to 60% of water consumption and uses an integrated filtration system, developed in collaboration with Gore, which guarantees the total removal of PM 10 particles.

Photo Gallery: the independent road sweeper in Singapore


The tests on the public roads of Singapore are currently underway during low traffic hours, but a regular operation condition will be reached progressively, where the independent driving sweeper will perform cleaning alongside daily traffic.

We are very happy to collaborate for such an important innovation that will contribute to making cities cleaner and more sustainable and changing the world of mobility”, stated Tighe Noonan, President and CEO of Dulevo International. “The project’s success shows once again how Dulevo represents an excellence not only due to the effectiveness and efficiency of its products, but also because of its ability to integrate its ideas, research and development contribution in complex international projects such as this one”.

The project is part of the National Environment Agency (NEA) environmental robotics program in Singapore and is coherent with the continuous efforts of the agency to optimise resources and improve the productivity of environmental services.

The vehicle was modified with the installation of sensors on all sides and calculation units inside the cabin. When in use, the independent driving sweeper is monitored remotely through a remote-operation centre where cleaning routes and times are determined and adjusted and optimised, if necessary.

According to Singapore authorities, the successful completion of the tests may clear the road for a pilot deployment of independent driving street cleaning vehicles by early 2022.

Present in over 80 countries worldwide with a distribution network of approximately 150 dealers, Dulevo International is the leading Italian manufacturer of industrial and urban cleaning solutions and ranks among the most important companies in the industry. The Company develops and designs various product lines: street sweepers, cleaning machines, sanitising cleaners, ideal for urban areas, as well as industrial sweepers ideal for industries and commercial businesses, with the continuous design and development of machines that are also powered with alternative energies, including 100% electric vehicles.

Since its inception in 1976, the Parma-based company has always wanted to aim for quality and technology excellence by offering high productivity machines with the least footprint on the environment, both in terms of CO2 emissions and water consumption, that ensure increasingly higher levels of dust filtration, and currently more than 99% of filtration capacity thanks to the exclusive collaboration with Gore.

As a matter of fact, Dulevo International maintains its leading position thanks to constantly pursuing solutions and technologies designed to improve the quality of the environment in which we live and for the operators, researching and implementing cutting-edge technical solutions, in order to always meet any cleaning requirements in commercial, industrial and urban environments.