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Road safety barriers for civil engineering structure (bridges)DOLRE: the device that offers transmitted forces reduced by more than 50%

With about fifteen years of experience and close collaboration with the various actors in the road sector in Europe, DESAMI - a Belgian company leaded by the CEO is David De Saedeleer which was among the speakers of the meeting "Una nuova visione per la Sicurezza Stradale", Pereto, L'Aquila, Italy, last September) - developed a new range of products called DOLRE. The acronym means "Dispositifs pour Ouvrage d’art avec Limiteur et Répartiteur d’Efforts" (Device for civil engineering structures with limiter and efforts dispatcher).

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This device, tested according the European standard EN 1317 and available in different level of containment, along structures as bridges and viaducts combines safety and security with successful landscape and architectural integration. Thanks to its geometry, its fuse system and the disconnection of the board, DOLRE offers transmitted forces reduced by more than 50% compared to a conventional construction. Thus, a majority of existing structures will no longer need to be reinforced.

Besides, it requires limited intervention and more effective work management. DOLRE can be placed on a concrete or steel support such as on engineered structures, a wall head, a buried concrete massif, a non-anchored sill. It can be equipped with a guardrail or a cladding. Finally, DOLRE can be connected to various slides thanks to the developed transitions.

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