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Research and development for road safetyA solution proposed by the Ticopter company. Easy to install and excellent value for money

(descrizione) TK110 is a particular terminal end treatment specifically designed to protect critical points present at the beginning or end of the safety barriers in case of frontal or lateral impacts with vehicles. The system is composed of w-beams fixed to C posts with a distance of 1,50 meters. In the frontal part of the device, there is a nose expressly designed to limit the danger of collisions and dissipate the kinetic energy of the vehicle. As a result, the nose is able to prevent the penetration of the ends of the barrier inside the passenger compartment.
The device meets the criteria of UNI EN 1317-4:2010 and it belongs to class P4 with “A” impact severity (ASI<1,0; THIV < 44Km/h).
Main features: extremely easy to install, assemble and position with standard equipment; excellent value for money; available in galvanized steel or, alternatively, in steel with improved resistance (CorTen steel); crash tested with connection to the N2W2 safety barrier. It can be connected directly to the side guardrail; it does not require a foundation, but it uses posts driven into the ground; equipped with a metal cable capable of containing the components of the end treatment in the event of frontal or lateral collisions.
Physical specifications: length: 9.870 millimeters; width: 305 millimeters; height: 700±30  millimeters.
Durability: galvanized steel in accordance with EN ISO 1461; steel with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion in accordance with EN ISO 10025-1: 2005 (ex Cor Ten).