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Preventive road maintenanceFocus on and Italian player born and grown under the sign of reliability

Elia Peroni Macchine Stradali, based in Magnago (Milan), is a family company born and grown under the sign of reliability, in the field of preventive road maintenance. One of its target, for example, is decisively the added-value in road sealing, filling with mastic the road’s cracks, starting from the first hint of breaking, to ensure a new and long life to the road’s pavement.

The technique is widespread in the European countries with the greatest maintenance culture, from France to Germany. Less, with some exceptions, here in Italy. Elia Peroni, a company led by Elia Piero Peroni, together with Impresa Pagani, offers it in various forms: the direct sale of machines and materials for sealing, rental service, operational service.

The company offers thermal lances for cleaning (crucial operation for the good seal of the sealant), milling machines to open, shape and clean the cracks, and a range of manual and automatic sealers. The mastics are made to own specifications, or by Crafco, the american specialist of which the Lombard company is exclusive dealer for Italy.

With Crafco, Elia Peroni offers a wide range of mastics, hot or cold, useful for restoring asphalt and concrete pavements and even viscoelastic plug joints on bridges and viaducts, offering a solution for every need: from roads to canals, from airports to logistics; to conclude with the longitudinal joints between existing road superstructures and new paved layers, useful to make the planarity and cohesion between the surfaces, or with the restorations around the man-hole covers, which are properly sealed and made sound-proofing.