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Paris undergroundA fleet of Brokk's demolition robots is excavating 60 shafts in the underground heart of La Défence

A fleet of Brokk’s demolition robots is working in the underground heart of Paris, as part of the most important metropolitan infrastructure project currently underway: the Grand Paris Express. The machines are involved in the excavation of 60 shafts with the scope to build the support structures of the new RER E underground station, in La Défence.

The Brokk machines are electric, radio-controlled, demolition robots, and four different models are working at the project: the Brokk 110 of about 1.1 tons including 150 kg hydraulic hammer, the Brokk 160 and its evolution Brokk 170 of about 1.8 tons with 200 kg hydraulic hammers and the Brokk 200 model of about 2.4 tons and 300 kg hydraulic hammer.

The Brokk 200 is supplied also with a special short arm for the 5m diameter shafts, to improve maneuverability, to increase working speed and to maintain the highest productivity. Brokk robots are machines designed specifically to work in tight spaces, they have a minimal footprint and are equipped with powerful electric motors to power their hydraulic systems.

They can work with their hydraulic hammers without interruption, H24, with minimal maintenance and without being affected by vibrations and mechanical or thermal stress. The radio remote control allows the operator to remotely control the robots, remaining outside the risk areas. The power supply allows working in enclosed spaces without emitting exhaust gas while keeping engine noise to a minimum.