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New generations of Made in Italy barriers and road gatesSMA Road Safety presents Stargate, an innovation designed for the quick passage of every vehicle

According to ISTAT surveys, the social and economic costs deriving from the widespread "road insecurity" amount to around € 20 billion a year, with serious consequences also for the national health system. It is in this context that operators are developing road safety solutions with higher performance and even more technology. Among these, the research, design and production of a Made in Italy player such as SMA Road Safety stands out with its long series of international successes.

An established company from Campania, led by Roberto Impero, SMA is known worldwide for having installed its security devices in the Eurasia Tunnel of Istanbul and in other projects of international importance, such as the fourth longest bridge in the world, in Kuwait, as well as along the modern highways of Qatar. 


Among the latest generation products in SMA Road Safety catalogue, a mention goes to Andromeda smart barrier. “Exceptional performances and technological forefront - explain from SMA Road Safety - make it a precious ally for road managers thanks to the integrated sensor system, able to detect impacts in real time and reporting them, improving traffic management".

The metal structure of Andromeda integrates transparent elements making the barrier a system with reduced environmental impact, capable of enhancing the landscape. The barrier also houses a LED device designed to improve visibility and limit the risk of car accidents, even in case of adverse weather conditions. But the evolution goes on; "Andromeda project" has already given birth to a further technical solution: the emergency gate - called Stargate. It presents reduced width, this certified innovation allows a 6 m opening just in 30 seconds, permitting the safe and easy lane change to vehicles of any size, including trucks.

Stargate can be installed anywhere, thanks to the design that makes it suitable for all the common new jersey and other barriers on the roads; it is also beneficial inside tunnels, among the places most at risk of car accidents. Stargate has been installed, for the first time in Italy, on the A2 Mediterranean motorway, in the province of Salerno, managed by Anas.

During the latest months, note SMA Road Safety, there has been a strong demand for road gates by the highways and high-traffic roads managers. "A positive sign - comments Roberto Impero - because the use of certified quality devices statistically reduces the economic costs and above all the loss of human lives. Road safety must be a priority again for our country, which at the technological level excels in this sector".