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Matec Italia: Mechanical dehydration with high pressure technology

(descrizione) Dehydration using high pressure technology (HPT) implies a greater force to operate or compress the filter, resulting in a drier block with 10% residual moisture, returning up to 98% of water to the process. The NEW HPT30 bar allows you to filter at an even higher pressure than before.
The MEGALITH with its simple design, consisting of 6 hydraulic push cylinders, used to close the filter press, uniformly disturbing the closing pressure and open the filter press of which the first 10 plates are moved. It also consists of the NEW TTX opening for the rest of the plates, which opens in patches of 10, and at a pace that makes the TTX the fastest opening technology on the market. Simple also means that the filter press is composed of recessed chamber plates, connected to each other by a chain, and an agitation system consisting of pneumatic cylinders, all standard with the MEGALITH filter press.
Structurally solid and put together by a fixed head in carbon steel, ends and 4 lengths of double-welded rectangular tubes, for side beams, making this filter press the only one capable of reaching 30 bar. As the demand for filtration technology increases and the material to be filtered becomes more challenging, the need for NEW technology becomes more evident. By creating the largest filter press of the moment that takes advantage of the highest feed pressures currently possible, we are solving the problems of dewatering by providing a unique solution to the challenges of solid-liquid separation.