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Italian technology at Agrilevante 2019The innovations developed by Antonio Carraro on the stage in Bari (Italy) from 10 to 13 October


TRX 5800/The new 50 hp reversible drive ultra-compact. It is the brand new 50 hp reversible drive ultra-compact tractor with isodiametric steering wheels. The accessories of this model are the same as those of top-of-the-range AC tractors. The brilliant 16+16 mechanical gearbox has synchronised shuttle. The tractor is both professional and customised and ideal not only for orchards and vineyards but also for ground care and urban maintenance. The short wheelbase and tight steering radius make it agile in narrow spaces and on slopes, where the ACTIOTM chassis and 4 driving wheels guarantee consistent stability and traction. The reversible driving system and the high level of ergonomics increase efficiency and make work much quicker, therefore resulting in significant savings in terms of time and costs. The tractor is compatible with many types of pushed or pulled equipment, for ploughing, treatments, under-row vineyard activities, stable work and fruit picking. The strong and integrated driving platform provides thermal and acoustic insulation of the cabin from the transmission, confers comfort, and absorbs vibrations. The suspended foot control ensures the absence of gaps towards the ground, protecting the operator from dust. The cabin is air-conditioned and equipped with all the accessories you could possibly want. The back of the cabin has been built with two practical equipment tube passages. Also available on request with Joystick or lift with controlled draft.

TGF 10900 R/A panther between the rows. This single-direction tractor with steering wheels and oversize rear wheels of the R series (98 hp Kubota engine) by Antonio Carraro is the lowest in the category of specialised 100 hp tractors in terms of height of the bonnet and driver's seat. It combines power, a low centre of gravity, compact size and a racy profile with uniquely agile performance between rows. It is ideal for working under low canopy in orchards (also shaped ones), vineyards (also canopied ones) and greenhouses with narrow rows or dense vegetation. The tractor is stable and easy to manoeuvre since it has large rear wheels and smaller front wheels that can permit even the tightest of turns, useful for re-entering between rows. The TGF moves as sinuously and nimbly as a panther on cultivations where it ensures traction and adherence even on downward slopes, and on slopes and in rows that follow the lay of the land. The rear wheels are available in sizes of 18, 20 or 24 inches based on operational requirements and the terrain. The transmission offers 16+16 gears. The Super Low Profile Protector 100 pressurised cabin, which combines comfort and compact size (it measures only 174 cm in height at its highest point) and guarantees maximum protection of the operator against the inhalation of toxic fumes, is available on request. TGF is available in 3 versions: 71 hp (7800 S), 85 hp (9900) and 98 hp (10900 R Series).

SX 7800 S/ 9900/Agile, articulated, cost-effective. It is an isodiametric tractor with single-direction articulated chassis, ideal for the narrow spaces typical of specialised farming, vineyards and apple orchards in particular. The racy profile ensures smooth and nimble movement: the sleek and compact design of the tractor allows for agile performance even in the densest vegetation. The articulated chassis and the narrow track ensure extraordinary manageability in tight spaces, along the corridors between rows and when turning headlands. The 4 identical driving wheels ensure constant adherence and drive in all situations and on all terrains. It is available with two engines, of 71 hp (7800 S) and 85 hp (9900). The Starlight cabin, available on request, has large windows that ensure total brightness and visibility, and inspection windows through which the wheels and accessories can be seen. The tapered design allows for agile performance between even the narrowest rows.

MACH 4/Powerful articulated wheeled quadtrack. The quadtrack (with 4 rubber tracks) has an articulated chassis and reversible driving system and is both powerful and agile, and is at the top of the AC range in terms of performance and aesthetic appeal. Equipped with a Kubota 4 cyl. 98 hp engine, it can work on terrains in difficult conditions, on steep slopes and on slippery surfaces: extreme situations that cannot be faced with conventional tractors. It can be used when the ground is still wet or soft, even after rainfall, guaranteeing minimum compacting of the ground (less than that caused by the treading of human feet); this feature can save days of work compared to a normal wheeled tractor. The rubber tracks allow the vehicle to sort of “float”, while at the same time ensuring stability and good adhesion to the soil and good traction even on slippery terrain. The articulated chassis and the steering geometries make it possible to tackle extremely narrow bends, avoiding the typical pivoting turns of traditional articulated vehicles that cause damage to the headlands (that subsequently will need repairing) between a crop row and the next. Another significant advantage over traditional articulated vehicles is comfort like that of a tractor with rubber tyres, and it is licensed to travel on roads up to 40 Km/h. It is also available with the Air cabin, pressurised and certified in Cat. 1 or 4, to guarantee protection of the operator against the inhalation of harmful dust, aerosols and vapours.

TR 7600 Infinity/The multi-award-winning smart hydrostatic tractor. This hydrostatic tractor (Kohler 4 cyl. turbo 75 hp engine), with isodiametric steering wheels and reversible driving system, is designed for specialised farming and civil maintenance and is ideal for crops on slopes. It was recognised as one of the best technological innovations at the Enovitis in Campo 2019 fair in June and received the "Technology Innovation Award". It then went on to receive the “Novità Tecnica” award at the Concorso Novità Tecniche Agrilevante 2019 (a copy will also be on display in the Mostra delle Novità Tecniche area). TR 7600 Infinity ensures high performance in small spaces, such as vineyards, orchards and between rows in general. The salient feature is the mechanical-hydrostatic hybrid transmission with automatic gear that offers an infinite range of speed and great operational comfort, since the driver does not need to use the clutch. This feature is particularly useful for work requiring forward and reverse actions in quick succession, slow and precise movements, or sudden acceleration. The functions for control of the torque taken from the PTO and the torque absorbed by the wheels protect the power take-off and engine even in critical situations. It is available with Starlight cabin, with large windows that ensure total brightness and visibility, and inspection windows through which the wheels and accessories can be seen. The tapered design allows for agile performance between even the narrowest rows, without damaging the vegetation.

TONY 10900 TR/The best in technology and operational comfort. This tractor with isodiametric steering wheels, reversible driving system and Kubota 4 cyl. turbo Common Rail 98 hp engine, represents the latest frontier of the Veneto-based company in terms of stepless drive controlled with software that allows the operator to personalise his work, optimising the result and simplifying the procedures. The Tony tractors are intended for precision farming: treatment with plant protection products in orchards and for trimming and pruning vines: activities where a constant speed is required to ensure an impeccable and uniform standard of work, avoiding waste of material (in the case of spills) or work-time. The hydrostatic-mechanical hybrid transmission uses SIM (Shift In Motion) technology with 4 speed ranges with electronic control, that can be engaged even when driving. The technology increases the possibilities of use with many different accessories that also allow for modulated restarting and saving of work parameters, and the operator can adapt the vehicle to his needs and style of driving. The PTO is 540/540E and synchro, with electrohydraulic control for gradual engagement. Tony 10900 TR is available, on request, with the Air cabin, pressurised and also certified in Cat. 4, for protection of the operator against the inhalation of harmful dust, gas and aerosols.