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Italian engineering in BrazilThe structural consolidation of the 170m long Wagner bridge in the State of Minas Geiras

Among the projects developed by the Italian company Franchetti, we can mention an intervention on the structural consolidation of the 170m long Wagner Estelita Campo bridge on the BR050/GO motorway that crosses the State of Minas Gerais from north to south, connecting São Paulo with Brasilia, in Brazil.

The project started from the structural analysis of the bridge and culminated in reinforcing the structure. It was followed by the reinforcement and expansion of another 27 bridges along the same motorway. The numbers: 

  • 170m long
  • Spans: 22.5m with concrete poured in place
  • 550 tons of steel
  • Pier height: 35m, with 25m under water 
  • 27 bridges reinforced along the 400km of the BR-050 motorway.

An expansion and reinforcement method was conceived to allow the deck to be widened while resolving the problem of the piers being undermined by the river’s strong current. In this way, the proposed solution allowed the bridge to remain open

The work of Franchetti is driven by constant innovation, which means the ability to assess structural damage in the various building materials used in existent structures. Thanks to a proprietary patented software-based method, Franchetti is able to perform dynamic tests and to obtain results faster and with a more balanced investment.

Franchetti has gained experience in non-linear damping since 2006, at which time it carried out important research in the field of assessing existent structures. Several scientific articles testify to the considerable research effort that culminated in a period of fine tuning in the United States, where Masanobu Shinozuka, world expert in earthquakes and structural engineering, confirmed the validity of this innovative method.