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Innovative solutions for repairing kerbs and concrete structural elementsFocus on Mapegrout Betontech HPC and HPC developed by Mapei

Mapegrout Betontech HPC and HPC10, innovative renovation micro-concrete with a work-hardening effect developed by Mapei, are used for restoring and repairing concrete. They are mainly used for repairing kerbs along the sides of motorways and for rebuilding and strengthening structural elements, such as beams and pillars.

Made from high-strength cement, selected aggregates, special additives and structural fibres, Mapegrout Betontech HPC and HPC10 are fibre-reinforced mortars with the capacity to improve post-cracking behaviour of repaired concrete elements. With these types of mortar it is possible to obtain a ductile failure mechanism, that is, the mortar is able to maintain its mechanical characteristics as the cracking process advances. For this reason, this type of product is particularly recommended for repairing structures subjected to dynamic loads.


The maximum particle size of the aggregates in Mapegrout Betontech HPC is 6 mm, which enables layers between 3 cm and 10 cm to be applied. The maximum particle size of the aggregates in Mapegrout Betontech HPC10, on the other hand, is 10 mm, which enables layers between 5 cm and 30 cm to be applied.

The two products comply with the principles defined in EN 1504-3 and the minimum requirements specified by EN 1504-3 for class R4 structural mortars.

(descrizione) Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesives and chemical products for the building industry. The Group is made up of 89 subsidiaries and 83 manufacturing facilities in five continents. For the road maintenance sector, and the concrete repair sector, Mapei has a comprehensive, dedicated line of durable, safe, certified technologies that provide a solution to every type of problem.

Tech Data Sheet Mapegrout Betontech HPC

Tech Data Sheet Mapegrout Betontech HPC10