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Innovative additives for asphaltExperience, professionality and reliability are the strengh points of a new player in the field

Focus on a young company, but with a 20 years’ experience management in excellent relationships with customers and privileged bonds with some of the most important multinational companies operating in the road industry in Italy and in the world. Activa produces additives for bitumen, asphalts and bitumen emulsions of the latest generation and made with innovative technological processes exclusively owned by the company. The careful selection of raw materials ensures not only products with high quality standards, but also special attention to the environment and human health. The product lines at a glance. ProActive: additives for the production of bitumen emulsions.

They can be used with all types of bitumen, with all types of aggregates and with the most diverse weather conditions. Different varieties of emulsions can be produced using these additives for different purposes and objectives. AdheBit: adhesion promoter additives, creating a strong chemical bond aggregate/bitumen. This bond, gives the asphalt greater resistance to “stripping and a greater flexibility of use at low temperatures. FluxOil: a mix of a vegetable oil for the production of cold-mix asphalt, for road maintenance. RoadPlus: additives that improve the mechanical performance of the asphalt, increasing the rutting performance, elasticity modulus and durability. LowTherm: additives that allow the production of asphalt mixed at warm temperatures, with unique features, because they are not classified as hazardous for human health and for the environment.