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Innovation and sustainability since 150 YearsAmmann Group will celebrate at bauma 2019 its historical anniversary

Like the rest of the world, Ammann has seen a great many changes in the last 150 years,” said CEO Hans-Christian Schneider, a direct descendant of Jakob Ammann, who founded the company in 1869. “What hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing customers with products that offer solutions.

(descrizione)Ammann Group in this 2019 celebrates its 150th anniversary; one hundred and fifty years always full of innovations. One extraordinary example is the Macadam machine patented by Ammann in 1908. The Macadam machine, which eliminated a significant dust problem, was also an early nod toward sustainability. “The machine improved the environment around it,” Schneider said. “It was one of the first sustainability efforts in roadbuilding. Sustainability, like solution-oriented technology, is a common theme throughout the history of Ammann.