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High-performance asphalt mixturesFocus on Superplast by Iterchimica, a compound of selected polymers produced in granules

(descrizione)Superplast is a compound of selected polymers with low molecular weight and medium melting point. It is produced in semi-soft and flexible granules. It is intended for the production of improved and high-performance asphalt mixtures, by using standard bitumen that does not require preventive modification.

In comparison with traditional technologies, it gives the mixture high mechanical properties by increasing Marshall stability and stiffness and the resistance to indirect tensile strength, to permanent deformations (rutting) and to fatigue cracking, also thanks to an increment of the elastic modulus.

The performance increase allows greater durability of the bituminous mixture and, consequently, an extension of the asphalt pavement’s service life, even in extreme climatic conditions (especially in case of high temperatures or temperature variations), and a reduction in maintenance costs in the long run. Another benefit of the modification with Superplast is the use of standard bitumen, which does not require special attention for storage, with consequent logistic and economic advantages if compared to other technologies.

In fact, the polymeric compound guarantees a greater versatility as regards both the choice of the quantity of modification and the timing of use, which allow the plant Engineer a better organization and a reduction in the waste of raw materials. Finally, Superplast can be used also for the modification of bituminous mixtures containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP).