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Flexible asphalt plantsMarini launches two asphalt plants, practical and fast during the assembly-disassembly phases


Marini is launching its new range of XPRESS 1500 and XPRESS 2000 plants on the market, production 120 tph and 160 tph respectively. The XPRESS series is ideal for the client who needs to produce large quantities of asphalt mix over short periods of time.

The plant is also the solution for the client who makes diversification the backbone of the business. It is itinerant and, once one job has reached completion, XPRESS can be moved on to the next site without compromising the production quality and also saving time on dismantling and reassembly, increasing the days of work available for the construction company.

The entire plant fits onto two trailer units which are just 3m wide, on which all the pre-wired components are fitted, eliminating the need for a crane for erection and resulting in great reductions in transport costs and installation costs, given that no concrete founda- tions are necessary.

The many options available, such as the imported filler and/or recovered fines silos and finished product storage silo, mean that the plant can be custom-made. With the XPRESS plants up to 40% RAP may be used. Further technical solutions can be implemented at any time to upgrade XPRESS plants to face different types of working situations. Installation of the MARINI Foaming Bitumen kit permits warm asphalt production, a high quality mix at 20-30°C lower that traditional hot mixes.