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Failures under controlThe radar interferometer represented by Codevintec demonstrates a new way of monitoring bridges

The collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy, called attention to protection of structures and infrastructures. A historic bridge - monitored since months - is located between the provinces of Bergamo and Lecco. Ponte San Michele - or “Ponte di Calusco” - allowed vehicles and trains to climb over a gorge of the Adda river, from 1889 to September 2018. Now it is closed, to allow maintenance interventions.

Codevintec performed a demonstration with a FastGBSAR ground-based radar interferometer to the company in charge of monitoring the bridge, Tecno In SpA. The system reveals minimal displacements and deformations (<0.01 mm) up to a distance of 4km, at 4k measurements/second.

It supplies vibration analysis, including displacement time series, and analysis of the resonant frequencies and modal shapes. FastGBSAR comes in two versions: FastGBSAR-R (RAR with static set-up on a tripod) and FastGBSAR-S (SAR dynamic mode on a sled). The first being most suitable for static and dynamic structural monitoring of man-made structures: Bridges, Towers, Buildings, Pillars, Wind turbines...

The second being the complete solution for stability assessment and monitoring of deformations and displacements in natural and man-made structures: landslides, dams, dikes, open-pit mines...