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Electric road system will be tested on A35 Brebemi highway [video]The pilot study is based on the implementation of about 5km ERS stretch

Electric Road System (ERS) will be tested in Italy on A35 Brebemi Highway. Strategic position of A35 Brebemi is a key to logistic in the freight transport and makes it the best location for ERS testing. Besides, A35 Brebemi is part of the TEN-T comprehensive network, connects Milan - urban node of the TEN-T core network - with Brescia; it is directly connected to the TEN-T core network within the Mediterranean Corridor and in a strategic position with the nodes of the TEN-T core network; it is also in a strategic position with the Reno-Alpi Corridor and the Scandinavian Corridor; and it has the highest percentage of heavy goods vehicles (28%) on Italian highways. The ERS test on A35 Brebemi will finally allow to evaluate the environmental benefits in the specific context of the Bacino Padano.

The pilot study is based on the implementation of about 5km Electric Road System stretch, in order to evaluate the technological, economic and strategic impacts on Italian context. Technical characteristics of the Pilot Study: electrification of about 5km stretch for each direction, realization of an overhead contact line with a continuous electric power (750 V), monitoring of the electrical parameters and the remote control of the infrastructure through a centralized system, security ensured through automatic and manual systems, hybrid vehicles used by the involved logistics and transport operators.

The Pilot Study will find technical and/or economical and financial coverage from private (Scania, Siemens, Concessionaire) and public subjects (Regione Lombardia and EU CEF Transport Call 2018). The analysis developed in the study will be carried out by Politecnico di Milano and Bocconi University.

Cooperation between Sweden (Trafikverket), Germany (Hessen Mobil) and Italy (CAL-A35 Brebemi) can play a key role advocating for the electric road systems development and the greening of economies at national and European level.