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Detalis that don't slip out3D-Radar GPR systems survey roads, from surface to depth, at more than 100 km/h

Step frequency GPR, combined to Ultra-wideband antenna arrays, collects - at the same time - the first layers with high precision and the depths with excellent resolution. So, 3D-Radar GPRs report in detail: pavement delamination, dowel bar alignment, rebar bridge decks, rebar health, overlay delamination. In depth they quickly identify: voids/levees/sinkholes, utility mapping, power cables, pipes (plastic & metal), embankers and dolines, UXO.

3D-Radar GPRs are designed for high-resolution 3-dimensional subsurface mapping using innovative radar and antenna technology. They are the fastest Step-frequency radar on the market; survey from a train and on highways open to traffic. The software has a friendly graphical interface. Survey’s output seems to be a high-resolution photography. A pavement survey will show horizontal signage.