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Elastobitume: cold applied waterproofing of viaduct decksFocus on the elastic waterproof coating which can be spray-applied before laying asphalt


ELASTOBITUME is a two-component, elastic, solvent-free waterproof coating with high mechanical strength, high thermal and chemical resistance and weatherability, and good adhesion properties. It is based on epoxy resins modified with elastic polyamide-epoxy resins and non-toxic synthetic bitumen.

It is ideal to waterproof concrete, also before the realisation of hot-laid bituminous pavements, and in general to protect and waterproof structures exposed to atmospheric agents. The product stands out, among others, for its excellent elasticity, superior adhesion and waterproofness, high resistance to freeze/thaw cycling, resistance to de-icing salts, hydrocarbons, abrasion and thermal shock; and, last but not least, it is sulphate-free and non-flammable.

ELASTOBITUME can be spray applied directly over the surface to waterproof; the 4mm laying thickness provides the coating with waterproofness and sealing, even in case of heavy construction activities which can damage traditional thin-film coatings. ELASTOBITUME allows to realise seamless coatings which waterproof and protect concrete decks of bridges, viaducts and flyovers. In combination with the fiberglass mesh, it can also be used to protect and waterproof metal or reinforced concrete structures, either cracked or subjected to stress and strong vibration.