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Bernardi: Plants for the production of discontinuous asphalt BRT

(descrizione) The BRT tower has been completely redesigned, starting from the screen to arrive at the material discharge outlet.

The screen is of the inclined type, which guarantees a fast and efficient selection of materials. The nets, their positioning and fixing have been revised, with the possibility of being able to change them in a very short time. The screen was inserted inside a new insulated structure and completely accessible from all sides, with special doors and large openings. Part of the structure was inserted on rails, so as not to use cranes or hoists for opening.

From the screen level it is possible to access, through a door and a special passage, the direct hopper which has been completely redesigned in order to avoid clogging even with the use of high percentages of milled material. In particular, for the live broadcast, a special very spacious channel was created with a special inclination, covered with special wear-resistant armor with a new geometry designed for the sliding of the material and the possible rapid replacement.
A large double door has been inserted under the direct channel in order to guarantee unloading even in the case of storage of material with milling.
The whole hopper under sieve has been suitably insulated and designed for the storage of hot sieved materials ready to be weighed and mixed, with the addition of milled material in the mixer. Double doors have also been inserted for these hoppers.
The plant mixer has been oversized compared to the nominal production in order to better manage mixing times, especially when cold milled product is added. The internal geometry of the arms and paddles has also been improved to optimize the dough and reduce wear.

For the storage of the finished product it is possible to choose among the models available with various volumes and storage compartments, which can be fed by shuttle for large storage. It is also possible to weigh the storage silos in order to have evidence of the available material and to be able to set, directly from the computer and automatically, the material to be unloaded into the trucks, even for small quantities.
The whole tower can be covered with a special bardage that allows to contain the emissions into the atmosphere, while maintaining ample space for maneuvering for maintenance.
The dryer installed is of the Special Dryer-RA type, a model now widely tested and tested, with a high number of installations made.
This type of dryer, with a special ring for inserting the groove, has been designed to minimize cleaning interventions. Thanks to the particular internal blading and the presence of a special combustor, the inert material and the milled material are completely dried and mixed, creating a homogeneous mixture that guarantees high quality standards.
Furthermore, thanks to the recovery of the fumes coming from the heated milled material, a significant fuel saving is obtained, a system that has been tested and tested for many years of experience.
The dryer is connected to a bag filter equipped with a special pre-separator and a new washing system that allows to avoid the alterations related to the production and humidity of the external environment.
In addition to the hot milled line, it is possible to install a second cold line, which allows the milled product to be brought to the height of the mixer and allows it to be weighed and dosed in a controlled manner in the dough. Obviously, it is also possible to work only with this last line or with the combined use of hot and cold depending on the needs and the need to treat high percentages. By inserting the cold milled product, the well-known heat exchange takes place and all the moisture is released into the mixer: a special automatic suction and treatment system for these fumes was then installed.
The entire production process is controlled by the new Bernardi software, installed in the cabin computer and is connected, via the internet, to the Bernardi Impianti headquarters, which can intervene promptly if necessary.