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Becoming professionals in infrastructure thanks to the new Bentley Education The targets: community colleges, technical institutes, polytechnics, universities, secondary schools and homeschooled students

Like many industries, the designing, building, and maintaining of infrastructure has been changed by technology. Paper drawings are a thing of the past. Instead, designers are using virtual reality and mixed reality to bring their ideas to life. Manually inspecting infrastructure by putting on hard hats and climbing on ropes is becoming old school. Now, organizations are using digital twins-digital representations of physical assets, processes, or systems, as well as the engineering information that allows us to understand and model their performance-to continuously monitor infrastructure and know when it is time to fix and update them.

For years, studies have shown that people want careers that are meaningful and positively impact the world around them. Often, however, what holds them back is either a lack of proper training or the inability to break into these industries. Understanding what the latest trends are, and how to use that technology, is key to being ready to take that next step in careers.

Bentley Systems, the infrastructure software company, develops software that help people build all the infrastructure that you see around you and use every day. "We’re thrilled to announce the new Bentley Education, our program to help you grow into the world-class talent that we know you can achieve, and then connect you to world-changing opportunities. It has everything you need to learn about what a career in infrastructure could mean for you-and how to make it happen".


Here’s what you get with Bentley:

1) Access to learning licenses of over 40 of Bentley’s most popular applications used by infrastructure professionals around the globe on their exciting projects

2) A wide range of self-paced learning resources to earn certificates and boost your resume

3) A community of peers and industry experts from around the world, with tips and tricks to grow in your career and land your dream job

4) The latest industry news and trends, stories from other students and young industry professionals, and much more.

Bentley Education is open to students and educators at community colleges, technical institutes, polytechnics, universities, secondary schools, and homeschooled students. You get access to Bentley applications at no cost to you as part of the program. It’s available now in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, and Lithuania. Don’t worry, though. The program launches in United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and India mid-summer. And we have plans to expand to the rest of the world.