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Barberino del Mugello: Detas Dleds stretches for 7.500 metresCommissioned by Autostrade per l'Italia a project by tencne, and built by amplia infrastructures, the galleria Santa Lucia is a european record gallery, where Detas has also made its contribution

(descrizione) One billion euros is the total amount of Autostrade per l’Italia investment, to shorten the connection between northern and mid Italy in the Barberino del Mugello-Firenze Nord highway section. The new tunnel, which has taken the name of Santa Lucia, is the icon of this amazing work: its 7.548 metres in length give it the primacy of three lane longest European tunnel. The brand-new tunnel allows to reduce the driving time by about 30% and the CO2 emissions as well.
Detas division DLEDS lit the whole tunnel, both the access zone and the interior one, with over 1.500 stainless steel (316L) LED luminaires, fully developed and produced in It- aly. It’s 500.000 euros deal for Detas, which adds to the previous one, consisting of 8.000 tunnel luminaires.