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AstepOn, a new partner in infrastructure sector to network withAn Italian service to guide designers and companies in the field of road and railway equipment


To network and to build synergies in order not only to add value to the market, but also to constantly deliver better products, services, and infrastructure network. Starting from deep knowledge of the specific sector of road and railway equipment and out of passion for networking aimed at guiding designers, managing bodies, and companies through the process from selecting up to implementation of most favourable solutions.

AstepOn has come. It is the newcomer on the stage of consulting, marketing, and assistance in the field of Road&Rail Equipment. Giorgio Mannelli, an expert in transport infrastructure, manages the new venture and, as such, with his innovative hard skills and commercial acumen, offers support to all phases of an activity from scouting to delivery check, to construction site management: “We tend to become the hub for solutions and best practices plus the point of reference for designers, managers and companies from risk assessment, to solution to construction site management”.

Among the AstepON product portfolio, you can find: safety barriers in New Jersey, special steel safety barriers Corten and wooden safety barriers, crash cushions and gates, special structurs for railway bridges, equipment for temporary protection and “smart” construction site management.