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An innovative Made in Italy plant of 20.000 l/min installed in Algeria For the water treatment plant and sludge dewatering TAM Stones has relied on Fraccaroli & Balzan

TAM Stones, one of the most important Companies in the world for the processing of marble and grenite, last spring has inaugurated a new plant in Algeria with the installation of several up-to-date machines for the processing of stone materials. As for the water treatment plant and sludge dewatering, TAM Stones, has relied on Fraccaroli & Balzan SpA, which, based on decades of experience, has designed, manufactured and installed a system that represents the state of the art in the waste water treatment sector.

The decantation circuit is made up of two decanters mod. FB/5000 V-WD (diameter 5 m), two decanters model FB/5500 V-WD (diameter 5,5 m), a clean water storage tank for the decanted water and a recycling unit for sending back the clean water to the machines. The flocculant station is fully automatic, for better handling the flocculant consumption. Concerning the mud dehydration, the liquid slurry discharged from the decanter is collected into two mud tanks and, through two centrifugal pumps, goes to the filterpresses: one machine model FB/1000-15 (15 plates, size 1 m x 1 m) and one machine model FB/1000-25 (25 plates, size 1 m x 1 m). The whole plant is fully automatic and all functions and operating parameters are controlled by a PLC. To sum up, an innovative and pioneering plant, a reference of absolute prestige in addition to thousands more installed all around the world in over forty-five years of activity.

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Fraccaroli & Balzan SpA was founded in 1969 by two partners, Tiziano Fraccaroli and Carlo Balzan. Since its very beginning, the Company mission has been to develop new and sophisticated technologies for the treatment and recycling of the waste water from industrial processing, and for slurry dewatering and disposal, filter press. Fraccaroli & Balzan SpA, with the help of a team of skilled engineers, an extensive sales and after sales network, with thousands of plants installed all over the world, is today a privileged partner for the Companies which need a concrete and reliable solution for their recycling and environmental problems. Research, innovation, reliability, dynamism, dedication to customers: these are the qualities, which brought Fraccaroli & Balzan SpA, during its fortyfive years of activity, to the leading position in the field of waste water treatment facilites.

A generational change in top management, from the founders to their sons, has given continuity to a Company that was already an international leader in its field, further strengthening its presence on foreign markets and bringing innovation and new ideas, expanding all fields of application. Today we can say that Fraccaroli & Balzan SpA is a worldwide leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering systems and is an essential landmark even for its major competitors.