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An important achievementBitumen Eliflex doubled its production confirming the high recognition by users as binder appreciate

Eliflex HD PMB’s plant at Eni refinery in Livorno, Italy, reached in 2018 an important achievement, doubling its production compared with 2017 result. The increased volumes are determined by the high recognition coming from users which appreciate high performance of this product which is related to polymer’s typology and content inside the formulation and also to the plant-set up and technological process.

Eliflex HD is the result of patented technology developed by Eni, based on the use of a branched SBS elastomer with high elas- tic characteristics at both room and low temperature, as showed by the results of ductility, elastic recovery and cohesion tests, offering the best performance in the field of road sector. The innovation of the production technique is carried out at the plant by the use of an efficient colloidal mill and a careful selection of bituminous bases, in order to obtain the maximum homogeneity in the final matrix and the maximum stability to storage, that are not possible to achieve by simple mixtures of bitumen and additives.

Polymer modified bitumen gives to the asphalt mixture higher properties than a classic hard bitumen, such as resistance to the most severe atmospheric and traffic-in-duced loads, allowing the realization of roads with a better driving safety, visibility, adherence and less noise pollution.

Eliflex HD complies with the European Standard EN14023, placing itself as a cutting-edge product for the construction of durable road surfaces, draining and sound-absorbing layers of wear, intended not only for the normal roads system but also for roads and highways that are subject to particular traffic stresses.