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All the innovations awarded at Samoter 2020 [gallery]Thirteen winners, 3 special mention and 1 prize for design: the hi-tech construction lives in Verona

Hybrid or electric machinery developed for earth moving and various applications in the world of hoisting/lifting. Technologies that improve operator safety and comfort are aspects that can make all the difference on construction sites all over the world. New IT systems and software ensuring better production process efficiency. These are some of the solutions in the limelight at the 23rd SaMoTer Innovation Awards organised by Italy's most important exhibition dedicated to earthmoving, site and construction machinery, scheduled 21-25 March at Veronafiere. The winners of the competition received their awards during the SaMoTer B2Press networking event involving exhibiting companies and the trade press, part of the run-up to the 31st edition of the show.

The SaMoTer Innovation Award has the dual objective of acknowledging investments by companies to develop cutting-edge machinery and technologies at the same time as providing sector operators and the technical press an opportunity to keep abreast of innovations and stay up to date with the technical-construction developments involving site machinery. The jury announced thirteen winners this year in the following categories: hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers, attachments, software applications, plant, cranes and industrial applications. In addition, three special mentions and a Design Prize were also awarded.

Photo Gallery: the cerimony at Due Torri Restaurant in Verona


The Winners

Wacker Neuson / EZ17e

The battery powered EZ17e mini excavator is the new model “zero emissions“ in the Wacker Neuson range and will be launched on the market in Spring 2020. It boasts the same performance and functions as the EZ17 diesel model and is the ideal solution for tasks where emissions and acoustic impact must be minimised, such as urban areas, indoors or on construction sites adjacent to schools and hospitals. From an ergonomic point of view, it is also the ideal solution for work in confined spaces. Its advantages also include battery duration ensuring that the excavator can be used for a full working day.

Kobelco / SK75SR-7

Kobelco's SK75SR-7 excavator combines simple and elegant design with maximum operator comfort, while equally ensuring higher performance levels in terms of efficiency and productivity, broad visibility and easy maintenance. The very spacious cabin with a heated seat and air suspension as standard, ergonomic armrests and joysticks that move with the seat to ensure optimal posture are just some of the features available on the excavator to ensure very comfortable working conditions for the operator. The cab also has 10-inch user-friendly multi-function colour display allowing easy adjustment of the attachments and customisation of user preferences. The new SK75SR-7 also features the innovative iNDr - Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction Cooling System that helps reduce the noise generated by the machine as well as providing an additional dust barrier, thereby ensuring even better cleaning of the engine compartment and better cooling.

Hidromek / HMK230LC - H4

Thanks to improvements to hydraulic components, the new HMK230LC-H4 excavator by Hidromek stands out through its operating speed, increased productivity and even better efficiency. In addition, design focuses on two fundamental aspects: high standards of safety and simple yet sturdy build with intuitive functions and applications that assist operators using the machine so that they can concentrate more closely on their own work.

Bobcat / A-SAC Advanced Selectable Auxiliary Control

The exclusive SAC system launched in 2018 allowed operators to customise control settings of auxiliary hydraulic circuits on Bobcat excavators in relation to user configuration preferences when using special attachments/accessories. This is all achieved while the operator continues using the joysticks to perform tasks, thereby ensuring even higher productivity. The A-SAC - Advanced Selectable Auxiliary Control system improves the functionality of the SAC device by also allowing adjustment of the speed of each function to adapt to specific tasks or operator skill levels. The operator can store up to seven different speed configuration combinations for various, thereby increasing precision when using specific attachments. The A-SAC system will be available as an optional on Bobcat R series excavators.

Hyundai Construction Equipment / Modello: HL960A

The new HL960A wheeled loader by Hyundai complies with European Stage V emission levels and ensures consumption efficiency, top performances even in situations of prolonged operation, higher productivity and optimised work time management, high safety standards, improved visibility and maximum operator comfort.

Liebherr / Active Personnel Detection for Accident Prevention

Despite cameras and state-of-the-art visual aids, monotonous and repetitive operations may still result in loss of operator concentration. The active detection system highlights any dangers in the area at the rear on a display and through acoustic signals, distinguishing independently between people and static objects such as walls or columns through sensors. The aim is to prevent injuries on building sites and ensure maximum safety and less stress for operators: When people may be present in danger zones - workers, unauthorized personnel or even casual passers-by - the Liebherr system is activated at a greater distance and signals any imminent hazard.

Merlo / E-Worker

The E-Worker telehandler by Merlo is available in industrial and agricultural versions. Its handling capacity is the same as an industrial fork lift, flanked by high efficiency and low operating costs. This ultra-compact system is equipped with a telescopic boom, multi-tool carriage and day-long battery operation; it achieves wide steering angles thanks to 4 drive wheels having identical dimensions and rear wheels (Powertrain) and is ideal for handling materials and cleaning structures.

Magni / Modello: RTH 6.51

The new RTH 6.51 rotary telehandler by Magni has a maximum capacity of 6 tonnes and can reach heights of up to 51m without pressure drops thanks to technical solutions designed to increase the stiffness of the hydraulic cylinders, the type of axle used and the strength of the sections of the boom. Rotary performances are also improved and extremely modular, thereby ensuring operator safety and optimal control even in heavy-duty operating contexts. Specific tyres ensure an excellent duration and very high performance for wheel mounted models.

Simex / TFC 400

The continuous Simex milling-cutting machine with double drum and central chain is the ideal attachment for excavating narrow trenches, in-depth milling on vertical walls and tunnel roofs, as well as profiling flat walls.

Doosan / Xitecloud

The Xitecloud system by Doosan, through drone surveys and automated engineering, can be used to estimate the volume of material to be moved in relation to specific soil features (e.g. rock or earth, etc.). It provides smart and essential support for operational planning and efficient task management - including machinery fleets and timing - with consequent improvements in profitability for customers.

Blend / Robo Leveling

Robo Leveling by Blend is track-laying robot-controlled vehicle used for automatic distribution of material, compaction, levelling and smoothing of screeds and substrates. It helps ensure improvements in working conditions and the manual tasks performed by operators with a consequent increase in productivity for companies involved in road paving work.

JMG Cranes / MC50000RE

The JMG Cranes MC 50000RE articulated crane boasts a lifting capacity of 50 tm. It is mounted on a self-propelled, battery-powered carriage with cushion wheels that leave no tracks. Compactness means this system is ideal for work indoors and in confined spaces; it is also able to climb ramps and semi-trailers independently. Thanks to the correct weight balance, the machine is very stable and ensures higher capacity.

OilSafe / Clean Cabinet

Clean Cabinet equipment is designed by OilSafe and is used to extract and collect industrial contaminants (from pumps, engines, valves, distributors, etc. even with complex geometries) through a flushing system combined with pressurised rinsing, as well as image analysis to evaluate extracted contaminants and then issue a certificate of conformity according to ISO 16232/VDA 19/ISO 4406 regulations. Process automation is made possible by integrating the device into the production line. The control panel acquires remotely monitored data. Clean Cabinet allows manufacturers and end users of hydraulic components and systems to ensure and certify the cleanliness of their products quickly, efficiently and economically.

Special Mentions

TreviBenne / Back-Dump Excavator Bucket

The rear unloading grab bucket for excavators developed by TreviBenne is entirely in HARDOX 400 and consequently ideal for heavy duty service. It is available for 20-55 tonnes operating machines. This sturdy, multi-purpose equipment can be used for digging and, at the same time, selecting and handling materials of various kinds. Loading and unloading can be carried out at the front and rear alike.

Edilmag / I-Link 4.0

The digital depth meter for the I-LINK 4.0 excavator by Edilmag, thanks to two devices mounted on excavation boom and the hoisting arm as well as a dedicated APP, provides the operator in the cab with a real-time calculation of the bucket's location during excavation. Once the vehicle and the bucket used are configured in the APP, information can be displayed directly on a mobile phone connected via bluetooth.

Asalift / ZainoMotore

ZainoMotore by Asalift is an accessory that can be applied to new or used 1.1 to 2-0 tonne mini-excavators from all manufacturers to operate - after selection by the operator on-board the machine - in bi-fuel or hybrid mode (mains current 400V). It is an ideal solution for indoor work or where acoustic pollution must be minimised (e.g. close to schools or hospitals).