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Advanced technology for pavement inspectionFocus on the pave-scanner able to identify all the main functional parameters of the pavements

In the diagnostic sector, a new effectiveness system of inspection of the surface of the road-airport pavements is possible thanks to the Pave-Scanner, a special vehicle completely integrated with the LCMS technology.

At a cruising speed of 70-80 km/h, the vehicle can identify with extreme precision any geometric/topographical data of the infrastructure and any pavement distress; all the measurements are carefully georeferred and managed by a dedicated software. Among the main pavement functional parameters that the system can identify, we find cracking, macro-texture, rutting and longitudinal roughness.

The Pave-Scanner is also integrated with a 3D LMM (Laser Mobile Mapper) system and a 360-degree video system which permit to conduct a complete road data inventory (signs, streetlights, accesses, etc.) and a geometric-topographical survey of the road network.

All the data are geo-referred thanks to a high-performance navigation system Applanix; this allows to represent on map all the features of the road infrastructure for a ready and intuitive interpretation of the conservative state of the work, its elements and any possible criticality situation in terms of safety. The pavement parameters surveyed with this tool are in compliance with UNI EN 17025 rulea.