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A verification system to measure the ground strength parameters in real timeThe innovative device developed by Pauselli is installed on a pile driver machine

The problem: the different kind of soil in which the guardrail posts are driven. The solution: a verification system, which can acquire, analyze and register the physical parameters referred to the post strength in order to see if the post has the required grip on the ground. Even if there are specific standards about planning, materials and installation methods, we are aware of the unsuitability of certain kind of substrates where the posts are often driven, and this is kind of worrying.

(descrizione)The Pauselli device aims to give a set of measures: objective data to be compared to many variables. The system monitors and registers the way the post is driven, in order to guarantee the correct static grip in relation to the pulling and shear force in accordance with the project. This device fulfills the following functions: stability control of the post angle while they are driven; measurement of the ground strength parameters in real time, giving back a validation value in line with a benchmark, to ensure the right static strength of the driven post; post georeferencing with all the piling parameters.

This system is installed on a pile driver machine with a hydraulic hammer. The recorded parameters are assigned to a specific post using the topographic position, so that it is always possible to find its location on the construction site and control it from the office.

Therefore, the data will be useful to evaluate the posts suitable for their road bearing function, finding those who are “flawed” (out of the defined values, according to what has been set by the operation management), so that they can be corrected with a post-driving intervention.