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A technological study on a fully autonomous tandem roller [video]Bomag presented Robomag, a project in cooperation with the Technical University of Kaiserslautern

Robomag is the name of the fully autonomous tandem roller developed by Bomag as a technological study. Robomag builds on the knowledge gained by Bomag in cooperation with the Technical University of Kaiserslautern when converting road rollers to fully autonomous systems. Technologies such as GPS, Lidar and state-of-the-art position sensors are used. With Robomag, Bomag is making its vision of fully autonomous construction machinery a reality.

The fully autonomous tandem roller Robomag can be used completely independently in a defined work area. For loading or manual operation, the Robomag tandem roller can be operated simply by remote control.

The system obtains information on position, situation and movement using a combination of different technologies for spatial orientation, environmental perception and environmental safety. A comprehensive safety concept with sensory environment recognition is used to prevent collisions.


In addition to the fully automatic mode, the Robomag also has the option to follow manually entered movement patterns so the roller can perform its task autonomously even with special compaction jobs. It goes without saying that the roller has a mechanical emergency stop mechanism in every mode. 

While the tandem roller travels autonomously, Bomag’s well-known Asphalt Manager 2 takes care of the intelligent active control and monitoring of the compaction power. At the same time, Asphalt Manager 2 ensures that the compaction performance is comprehensively and transparently documented.

Robomag is a pure technology study and serves Bomag as a vision for the not so far future. At bauma 2019, visitors could experience Robomag working autonomously in a live demonstration.