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A revolution in roadworks: the first moving scaffoldingChimera has been created by a team of specialized engineers and awarded a patent in Italy

A revolution in the field of motorway construction that will reduce project lengths by as much as 30%. The first scaffolding in the world to be suspended on a tow truck was recently born, which has freed the structure from the classic base resting on the ground, making progressive movements fast, without the need to stop traffic.





It is a mobile work platform, maximizing productivity and avoiding the classic disassembling and subsequent reassembling of scaffolding - explains the engineer Alessandro Zanatta, EuroEdile commercial director - for 1 km of tunnel, compared to a fixed installation, we could even save 10 days of work. This product can be used in different contexts: tunnels, bridges and viaducts, retaining walls, whilst also aircraft maintenance".


The name of the innovation is Chimera and it is a high capacity trailer, which can be towed by any means of construction vehicle, designed according to the dictates of Directive 2006/42/EC. The vehicle also guarantees workers maximum safety thanks to a special anti-tip control system, having integrated ballasts (Big Bags or counterweight formworks) that can be filled directly on site, allowing them to build cantilevered structures.


Chimera is a solution designed, produced and patented by DEDALO.Tech, a young company based in the Veneto region that develops specialist projects for more temporary construction sites, and it is used by EuroEdile, a company operating in the sector at a European level that specializes in providing innovative solutions for highly complex construction sites. "In this way, work can be sped up - says engineer Andrea Baron, technical manager of DEDALO.Tech - without the need to disassemble and reassemble the scaffolding as work progresses. The carriage is able to accommodate any type of scaffolding and keeps the work surfaces in a perfectly horizontal position when the slope of the support base changes".


The idea came from a team of engineers who, after much research in the field, working alongside experienced scaffolders, a special system of hydraulic stabilizers governed by PLCs managed to create this innovative system to meet the latent needs of complex construction sites. The engineers at DEDALO.Tech have studied that allow the wagon to move sideways and align with the structure.


Chimera integrates a sophisticated self-levelling system that allows to keep the working surface perfectly horizontal even in case of road, longitudinal and transversal unevenness, at up to 10% incline. "This is the first solution - concludes Daniele Crosato of EuroEdile's sales force - that avoids road congestion because it can be set up outside the roadway; this eliminates downtime by putting more people in a position to work immediately and simultaneously".